Would you agree that you are worth so much more than a the things that you own and the money in your bank account?

Traditional estate planning says “no!”  Traditional estate planning is simply about transferring your tangible assets from one asset to the next.

Legacy planning is about passing along your other wealth- the type that is all too easily forgotten.  Throughout our lives we acquire an abundance of wisdom that needs to be shared and preserved for generations to come. You have acquired an abundance of experience, knowledge, and vision that your family can benefit from.

We can accomplish this through our guided legacy conversations that add extraordinary value to your plan.  We have a unique process in our office for passing on these intangible assets that are otherwise lost when someone dies, and bluntly, these really keep your family focused on what really matters after you are gone.  You can capture your fondest wishes for your family’s happiness and we do so by asking thought provoking and insightful questions that transfer your true family wealth into physical recordings that your family will inherit.

After working with clients of all income levels, I am thoroughly convinced that the reason why old money continues across generations isn’t because of the money transfer, but because the values were. Consider the Rockefellers or Rothschilds, names synonymous with wealth and well-being in America.  They consciously and deliberately pass their values across generation so that their dynasties have stretched over 175 years. When passed along with intention, a family can pass along its wealth over many lifetimes.  The wealthiest families capture and honor the values of their ancestors and along with their financial wealth, and that’s part of the reason the rich keep getting richer.

You have a life story that shouldn’t be lost, but passed down and treasured with their family.  Our Legacy Conversations will capture this.

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